maker-logoMAKER, under the condescension of SWAM POWER and jhoolay lal associates was originally founded as a brand itself in 2010. Maker established itself as a premium supplier of fabricated products for clients of Swam Power. Maker manufacture fabricated products specially use in installation of power generation units like; Remote radiator, different sizes of domestic & industrial silencer, gas filter, heat recovery systems and sound proof diesel generator 20kva to 350kva. Other than Maker’s own fabricated and casted products, there is a variety of tailored products as well, like; different replacement engine and electrical parts of MAN, Waukesha and MWM Deutz. These tailored products which Maker imports from all over the world to satisfy their clients by better quality and performance.

Makers Product Line

Sound Proof Diesel Generators

Man Gas Engines

E 2866, E 2876,E 2842e, E 2842LE312, E 2842LE322

Man Gas Engines

E 2842 LE, E 2842 LE 312, E 2842 LE 322


Remote Radiator

Motor driven Singel & Double fan remote Radiators

Waukesha VGF Series

F-18GLD, H-24GLD, L-36GLD, P-48GLD

Fabricated Items of Power House